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Morangup Nature Reserve

In the 1950’s to 70’s the land surrounding these reserves was logged for the furnaces of the Wundowie foundry. Large quantities of slag, rubbish and derelict equipment were dumped there. The area was becoming degraded and contaminated. Then in the 1980’s a pastoral company cleared most of the land between the Perth Road and Mortingup Hill.

Local environmentalists and government agencies successfully campaigned to protect the area and eventually the Morangup Nature Reserve was established. In 2010 an arsonist started a fire that destroyed much the magnificent Paper Bark and Black Butt forest around Goonaring Springs.

Then in 2015, another bushfire burnt Beelaring Springs. Despite the inappropriate use over decades Morangup Reserve offers some of the best displays of Wildflowers in the Shire. Most notable is the field of blue Leschenaultia biloba that can be seen from the Main Road. Verticordias and Isopogons add to the spring colour.

At 450 metres Mortingup Hill is one of the highest points on the Darling Range. Park at the corner of the Perth Road and Black Swamp Road then make your way east along the main road verge to the CALM gate. Enter the Reserve and follow the track north for 1.5 kilometres where a narrow side track turns sharply to the left. To your northeast you will see Mortingup Hill. There is no track to the top so it is a difficult climb. The westward track will take you 600 metres to the Reserve boundary fire break which you can follow southwards back to the car park via Morangup and Black Swamp Roads.  

Have a wander around the huge Paperbark Trees that surrounded the now dry springs. The fire, unfortunately, has caused thick re-growth of introduced Wattles.


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