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Overview of Toodyay's History

Toodyay is one of the oldest inland towns in Western Australia and much of its heritage is preserved. It is set in the heart of the picturesque Avon Valley and is an extremely popular tourist destination.

Noongar people were the first inhabitants, followed by European explorers and then settlers from the 1830s onwards. Between 1851 and 1868 a Convict Hiring Depot was established 3 miles upriver from the original Toodyay settlement. The township of Newcastle grew around the depot site which over the years reduced in size.

Newcastle changed its name to Toodyay in 1910, and the original settlement became known as West Toodyay. The narrow gauge railway line arrived in 1887 and served the community until 1966 when it was replaced by the current standard gauge line.

Nearby Northam evolved into the regional centre while Toodyay developed at a more sedate pace thereby retaining much of its built heritage for visitors today to enjoy.