Avon Regional Organisation of Councils (AROC)

AROC stands for "Avon Regional Organisation of Councils."   

Some basic facts are as follows:

Regional Population:   approx.23,671

Area:                              approx. 10,600 sq km

Year of Formation:       1999

AROC Member Councils

Toodyay, Goomalling, Northam, York and Victoria Plains

Shire CEO Shire President Deputies
Toodyay Mrs T Bateman Cr Michael McKeown   Cr Shelly Dival
Goomalling Mr Samuel Bryce Cr Julie Chester Cr Roland Van Gelderen
Northam Ms Debbie Terelinck Cr Chris Antonio Cr Attila Mencshelyi  
Victoria Plains     Ms Sean Fletcher Cr Pauline Bantock Cr Suzanne Woods
York Mr Chris Linnell Cr Kevin Trent Cr Denis Warnick

AROC Vision
To work cooperatively for the benefit of the region and well-being of the community.

AROC Business
Strategic land use planning; Tourism management and promotion of the regional area; Socioeconomic, environmental and natural resource planning; waste management; Seniors accommodation solutions; centralised information technology and rating systems.

AROC Meetings

These meetings are not open to the public however Agendas and Minutes are posted in the public arena.  

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