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Kerbside Rubbish and Recycling Collection

Rubbish collection fees

The standard rubbish service provided by the Shire of Toodyay is a weekly collection of one 240ltr mobile garbage bin and a fortnightly collection of one 240ltr mobile recycle Bin. The cost for this service has remained the same as last year and is as follows:

  • $230 per annum domestic (one weekly rubbish collection, one fortnightly recycle collection)
  • $250 per annum commercial (one weekly rubbish collection, one fortnightly recycle collection)

This cost applies to all mandatory and non-mandatory rubbish pick up.  Optional rubbish collection is only available for those who reside along the collection route.

Residents who have the FULL service provided ie: one weekly rubbish collection, one fortnightly recycle collection, can add an additional bin with pick up (rubbish or recycle) for the following costs:

  • $80 per annum domestic – one additional bin & bin pick up (either rubbish or recycle)
  • $100 per annum commercial - one additional bin & bin pick up (either rubbish or recycle)

For example, a resident who receives the full service can add an additional recycle or rubbish bin for a further cost of $80 per annum (domestic) or $100 per annum (commercial).

All charges are per annum but a resident who requests that the service be added part way throughout the financial year, will be charged on a pro-rata basis.

Please note that once a resident opts to utilise this service, the option to withdraw from the service will not be available until the following financial year.

If you require a new or additional service, please contact the Shire.

Yellow lid bins

Each property with a 240 litre yellow (recycling) lid bin is used for disposal of recyclable household waste.

Remember to take your bin back onto your property as soon as possible.

What can I put in my yellow lid bin? 

  • Glass jars and bottles 
  • Telephone books 
  • Soft drink bottles 
  • Paper and envelopes 
  • Aluminium cans/tin cans and tin foil 
  • Ice-cream containers 
  • Empty spray cans 
  • Plastic bottles
  • Milk bottles/cartons 
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic butter containers 
  • metal pots/pans
  • aluminium toasters and kettles (cords removed)

What can't I put in my yellow lid bin?

  • Plastic bags/plastic wrap 
  • Polystyrene 
  • Garden waste 
  • General household waste 
  • Household appliances 
  • Crockery/cutlery 
  • Plastic utensils/plates 
  • Clothing 
  • Ceramic and terracotta pots
  • Sanitary products/nappies
  • Medical waste 
  • Any building materials 

Green lid bins

Each property is provided with a 240 litre green lid bin for disposal of general household waste.

What can I put in my green lid bin?

  • Food waste 
  • Garden waste - grass clippings, leaf litter and weeds, small branches 
  • General household waste - clothing, crockery/cutlery, plastic utensils/plates, terracotta pots 
  • Sanitary waste - doggie bags, nappies 
  • Medical waste - placed in a sealed container 

What can't I put in my green lid bin? 

  • Hot or burning ash 
  • Hazardous waste - asbestos, motor oil, tyres, machine parts, paints or solvents, batteries, globes/tubes 
  • All building materials - bricks, concrete, gyprock, sand, tiles 

My bin is broken, how do i fix this?

Occasionally over the life time of your bin, parts may be required to be replaced. For example, bin lids, lid pins, wheels and axles. These items will be replaced where possible if the damage is incurred as part of normal wear and tear of the bin. To report any repairs, please contact the Avon Waste office.

Why wasn’t my recycling bin collected?

There are a couple reasons why a bin may not be emptied.

  • Your bins were not placed out on time.
  • Your bins may have been obstructed by parked cars or trees for example.
  • You have placed unacceptable items in your bin.

Remember bins are not necessarily collected at the same time of day.

If your bin was missed and you are unsure as to why, please contact the Avon Waste office 9641 1318.