Transportable homes and buildings

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Planning approvals and building approvals are different and are controlled by different legislation.

planning approval ensures that the development of a property within the Shire complies with the Local Planning Scheme, Residential Design Codes and other relevant legislation and policies.

Residential Design Code (R-Code) assessment and approval may be required when a proposed development does not comply with the ‘deemed to comply' criteria specified in the Residential Design Codes (State Planning Policy 3.1), the R-Codes Medium Density standards or a Detailed Area Plan (DAP).

For second hand transportable home please refer to the following policy LPP.16-Transported-and-Relocated-Dwellings.pdf

For all new transportable homes and building enquiries please Contact the Shire's Planning and Development Department

The requirement for this application will be determined by the Shire when your planning application is assessed and is only applicable for residential structures.