Building a new home

Building a new home

building approval ensures that the proposed building work complies with the Building Codes of Australia and other relevant standards and legislation. 

A certified application is where you engage a registered building surveyor to assess the application for compliance with the Building Code of Australia and issue a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) before the application for a building permit is submitted. The CDC will need to accompany the application for a building permit certified Form BA1.

An uncertified application is where your application is made directly to the Shire who will undertake the assessment for compliance with the Building Code of Australia and issue a Certificate of Design Compliance. An uncertified application must be made with a Form BA2. Applications for single dwellings and associated structures such as patios, sheds, garages, carports, swimming pools, retaining walls, fences and the like can be either certified or uncertified applications.

Please note that any residential property that is subject to the Shire’s Planning Scheme may require a separate Planning application.

planning approval ensures that the development of a property within the Shire complies with the Local Planning Scheme, Residential Design Codes and other relevant legislation and policies.

Residential Design Code (R-Code) assessment and approval may be required when a proposed development does not comply with the ‘deemed to comply' criteria specified in the Residential Design Codes (State Planning Policy 3.1), the R-Codes Medium Density standards or a Detailed Area Plan (DAP). 

Once your submission have been received, the Shire will keep in touch to let you know if any further information is needed, or if approval has been granted.

Fact Sheet - Certified Building Applications - Residential Class 1 and 10 buildings