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Noise has been well documented to seriously disrupt people’s lives when it is unwanted.  It can interfere with health, welfare, convenience, comfort or amenity to the person receiving the noise. It is recommended that if you are experiencing unreasonable noise, you approach your neighbour in the first instance. In many cases, your neighbour may not simply realise that the noise is disturbing you. If this does not resolve the situation or you do not feel comfortable approaching your neighbours, the Shire’s Environmental Health Officers are authorised to enforce the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 (the Regulations). The Regulations control noise emissions, specify permitted sound levels and what is deemed unreasonable noise.

The Regulations set different permitted levels depending on the time of the day. The legislation does however also create a number of exemptions for certain activities if they are done in accordance with set conditions.  Noise which is emitted in excess of the permitted levels or not in accordance with an exemption is deemed to be unreasonable. As a guide, noise emanating from a neighbouring property which is clearly audible inside your house, especially at night time, may be unreasonable and exceed the prescribed noise levels. 

A written complaint regarding unreasonable noise can be forwarded to the Shire of Toodyay or over the counter at the Shire’s Administration Centre.  An officer will then be in contact with you to discuss and investigate the complaint further. 

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