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Effluent Disposal

All buildings that produce wastewater and are not connected to main sewers are required to connect to an on-site effluent disposal system.

A number of properties within the Toodyay townsite have main sewer connection available, to check if a property is connected or can be connected to mains sewer please contact the Water Corporation on 13 13 95.

In areas where main sewer is not available, an on-site effluent disposal system needs to be installed. There are a variety of systems available which range from conventional septic systems (tanks and leach drains), Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) and greywater re-use systems. Any system that is to be installed must be approved by the Department of Health WA. Please check the Department of Health WA link to website for a list of approved wastewater systems.

The Shire’s Environmental Health Officer is responsible for assessing and approving applications for on-site effluent disposal systems. A completed application form and associated fees must be submitted to the Shire, ensuring all required information is provided on a scale plan.

On-site Effluent Disposal System (Septic) Application Guide

Septic Application