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Onsite Effluent Disposal

All properties where wastewater is produced must be connected to an approved drain or system for the treatment of wastewater and effluent.

 If you have a system and have an issue or want to know how to maintain it you can find information here.


To check if a property is or can be connected to sewer please contact the Water Corporation on 13 13 95. You can also check if a connection may be available on the water corporations property search.


On-site effluent disposal systems are not accepted if sewer is available to a property (within 90m).

There are several types of on-site systems available ranging from conventional septic tanks and leach drains (Primary treatment systems), Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs or Secondary treatment systems), Waterless composting toilets and greywater re-use systems. More information on these can be found here or on the Department of Health Website.

Any system that is to be installed must be approved by the Department of Health WA and have the Local Governments approval to be installed and used. Please check the Department of Health WA: WA Approved effluent and wastewater systems


The Shire’s Environmental Health Officer is responsible for assessing and approving applications for on-site effluent disposal systems. They can be contacted on 9574 9347 for information and advice. 


A completed application form and associated fees must be submitted to the Shire, ensuring all required information is provided on a scale plan and in the application.

On-site Effluent Disposal System (Septic) Application Guide

Septic Application Form


Application Diagram