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Waste Transfer Station


Where: Railway Road, Toodyay  

Opening Times: Open 8.00am to 12.00pm daily. Closed all public holidays (exc. Queen's Birthday and Labour Day).


Tip Passes

A 'tip' pass is included in with your rates notice.

 Residents with a regular rubbish collection service will receive 6 tip passes with their rates.

All other ratepayers will receive 12 tip passes with their rates.

These passes can only be used to take domestic rubbish to the waste transfer station. An additional pass can be obtained at the Shire Office for a fee:

1 pass - $8.00
6 passes - $42.00
12 passes - $72.00

If you do not receive your tip pass with your rates notice, please contact the Shire before your rates are due to be paid.

Green Waste

Green waste can be taken to the waste transfer station for chipping disposal.


Residents of the Shire are entitled to a standard trailer load of mulch from the Waste Transfer Station free of charge. Residents must load the mulch themselves.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste is the unwanted products used in and around the home which are flammable, toxic, reactive or corrosive.  If not disposed of correctly HHW can cause harm to humans, animals or the environment. 

The Transfer Station will accept household hazardous waste items such as batteries, paint, solvents, pesticides, flammable liquids, acids, alkali substances, light globes and fluorescent tubes all free of charge.


Recycling facilities are available at the waste transfer station. Please sort all recyclables at home and drop them off at the station as directed by the contractor. The following clean, sorted recyclables are accepted free of charge:

• Clear & coloured glass
• Aluminium, Tin and Cans
• Bundled newspapers
• E-Waste
• Scrap Metal
• Used Oil
• Car Batteries
• Gas Bottles
• Mobile Phones
• Green Waste for chipping

Tip Shop

Any reusable items that are still functional can be donated to the Waste Transfer Station for on-sale to a new home. There is an undercover area for lounges, chairs, electrical & household goods etc and outside area for commercial, industrial, gardening, push bikes, plumbing, gym equipment etc.

Degassing Fridges / Freezers / Air Conditioners

The Shire of Toodyay advises that as of 1 January 2018, a fee of $25 per unit will be charged for the disposal of any white goods containing refrigerant gases (eg fridges / freezers / air conditioners) at the Toodyay Waste Transfer Station.

This fee will recover some of the costs incurred in refrigerant recovery from these units prior to disposal from site.

Alternatively, householders may arrange for refrigerant recovery prior to disposal at the Waste Transfer Station, however must be accompanied by a Certificate from a licenced service technician. Units disposed of with a certificate will be accepted free of charge.

Any units not accompanied with a certificate will incur a fee as above.