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Reconciliation Framework

Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-2023

On 3 June 2021, Toodyay’s inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan was launched, 

Toodyay: The Land of Three Noongar Tribes

Gnulla Karnany Waangkiny (Our Truth Telling) Partnership Project

Gnulla Karnany Waangkiny (Our Truth Telling) is a partnership project between the Noongar Kartdijin Aboriginal Corporation and the Shire of Toodyay, 18 months in the making and forming part of the Shire's Reconciliation Action Plan. The collaborative approach to this project is a wonderful example of two cultures working side by side to express the importance of truth telling, and what it means as part of the journey towards healing.

Gnulla Karnany Waangkiny was featured at the WALGA Aboriginal Engagement and Reconciliation Forum on 5 October 2022, held at Optus Stadium in Perth, where the powerful video below was presented.