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Plant and machinery fire extinguisher requirements

If you are operating plant or machinery during the Restricted or Prohibited Burning Periods, you are required to carry a fire extinguisher with you

The Bush Fires Act 1954 and associated regulations require plant and machinery to be equipped with a serviceable water fire extinguisher of minimum 7.5lt capacity. This applies but is not limited to:

  • Harvesters
  • Tractors
  • Graders

Appointed Bush Fire Control Officers (BFCOs) are authorised by the Bush Fires Act 1954 to inspect plant and machinery for compliance, and penalties may apply to operators of non-compliant plant and machinery.

The aim of the Act and its regulations is that more fires can be extinguished while they are still small. Plant and machinery extinguisher requirements apply to both large commercial and small domestic models/use.

The Shire strongly encourages operators of other types of machinery to also carry a 7.5lt water fire extinguisher, due to the high fire risk of any machinery operation. 

Remember, fires often occur behind moving machinery, so regularly check the rear of your vehicle. A spotter or rear-view mirror fitment could help identify fires faster and increase the chances of quick extinguishment.

Please note: plant and machinery are commonly equipped with a dry powder extinguisher for vehicle-based fires. While this does not meet requirements for operators, retaining these extinguishers is recommended.

Total Fire Bans and Harvest, Vehicle Movement and Hot Works Bans may affect your operations – click here for more information.