When a demolition permit is required

You need a Demolition Permit from the Shire’s Building Services for demolition work on a whole or part of a building or structure.

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A class 10 building (garage, shed or the like) or structure less than 40m², with no asbestos, which is not likely to adversely affect the health of the occupants of the land or the public does not require a demolition permit. 

What is required to obtain a demolition permit? 

To apply for a demolition permit, the following information is required:

  • A completed Demolition Permit Application Form (BA5)
  • One (1) copy of a scaled site plan (min scale1:200) showing:
            • The building to be demolished and the structures to be retained 
    • Any septic tanks, leach drains, storm water soak wells on the property that are to be removed or retained 
    • A Pest Exterminators Certificate confirming rat baiting has been completed 
    • Any Building Permit Application Fee and any associated levies.

Photos of the structure to be demolished are encouraged to be submitted.

Important note: If the proposed demolition works are likely to adversely affect adjoining land or buildings beyond the boundaries of the demolition site, you will also need to submit a Notice and Request for Consent of Work Affecting Other Land Form (BA20). This form must be completed and signed by the affected adjoining landowners and submitted with the demolition permit application. 

Requirements for demolition work

Disconnect utilities and advise service providers

Prior to demolition work, all utilities must be disconnected (electricity, water, gas and telecommunications) and service providers must be notified of the demolition work.

Website address and contact details are provided below:

Onsite Effluent (Septics) 

All services to the property must be decommissioned prior to commencing demolition, such as septic tanks, leach drains, storm water, soak wells, etc. 

Find out more about decommissioning a septic tank.

Rodent baiting

It is a requirement that all buildings to be demolished are rodent baited.

Asbestos removal 

The removal of more than 10m² of bonded (non-friable) asbestos can only be carried out by a person or business with an asbestos licence issued by Worksafe. 

Relocatable buildings 

In addition to the above requirements, you will require the following for relocatable buildings:

  • The transport route on Shire roads.
  • A Main Roads WA permit for any access on main roads.
  • Structural certification that the building is suitable for relocation.

Important notes: Any asbestos is to be removed prior to the structure being brought in to the Shire.

Commercial buildings

Class 2-9 buildings and dwellings comprising of two or more storeys require the demolition contractor to be licensed by Worksafe, under the Work Health and Safety (General) Regulations 2022. The Demolition Permit will only be issued to the Worksafe registered contractor.


Evidence of prescribed notifications r. 19(2):

(a) notification of the name, address and contact number of the applicant for a demolition permit and the name of the permit authority to which the application is made to be given to the Heritage Council of Western Australia if the place to which the application relates:

(i) is subject to a Heritage Agreement made under the Heritage Act section 29; or

(ii) is entered in the Register of Heritage Places established under the Heritage Act section 46; or

(iii) is subject to a Conservation Order under the Heritage Act section 59; or

(iv) is subject to an Order in Council made under the Heritage Act section 80;

For more information please contact us and see developing and maintaining Heritage and Plan WA heritage mapping.

Upon completion of the works

Upon completion of the works, the demolition contractor must notify the Shire within seven (7) days of completion by lodging a Notice of Completion Form (BA7)