A demolition permit is required for the demolition, dismantling or removal of a building or incidental structure. A demolition permit application must be accompanied by:

  • relevant information, eg site plans indicating building to be demolished;
  • copy of any planning approvals under the Planning and Development Act 2005 where required;
  • evidence of prescribed notifications (r. 19(2):

(a) notification of the name, address and contact number of the applicant for a demolition permit and the name of the permit authority to which the application is made to be given to the Heritage Council of Western Australia if the place to which the application relates

(i) is subject to a Heritage Agreement made under the Heritage Act section 29; or

(ii) is entered in the Register of Heritage Places established under the Heritage Act section 46; or

(iii) is subject to a Conservation Order under the Heritage Act section 59; or

(iv) is subject to an Order in Council made under the Heritage Act section 80;

(b) the notification required under the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 regulation 3.119;

(c) notification of the intended demolition work to each person who provides electricity, gas, telephone or water services to the place that is the subject of the application.

  • evidence that the building or incidental structure to be demolished has been treated to ensure that it is not infested by rodents at the time of the demolition;
  • appropriate consent forms or Court Orders where work adversely affects other land;
  • where asbestos is present, details of the contractor; and
  • payment of the prescribed fee and levy (if applicable).

The person named as demolition contractor may be required to be appropriately licensed by WorkSafe to carry out demolition work and may also require an asbestos removal licence.