Shire Vision and Values

Core Values

Shire Vision

Adopted in October 2018, the Shire of Toodyay’s Community Strategic Plan 'Toodyay 2028' identifies the Vision, Purpose and Values that reflect how we see ourselves as a community and provide the foundations for our strategic direction for the next decade.

"We are a vibrant rural community that respects our environment, celebrates our past and embraces a sustainable future".

Shire Purpose

Local Government and community working together to obtain the best possible social, economic and environmental outcomes for the people of Toodyay.

Community Values: We value highly:

  • Our sense of community support and spirit;
  • Our natural environment and healthy ecosystems;
  • Our rural lifestyle;
  • Our historic town; and
  • Our local economy built on agriculture and emerging tourism, arts and cultural opportunities.

Shire Values  To progress the community's aspirations, the Shire is guided by:

Integrity – We behave honestly to the highest ethical standard

Accountability – We are transparent in our actions and accountable to the community

Inclusiveness – We are responsive to the community and we encourage involvement by all people

Commitment – We translate our plans into actions and demonstrate the persistence that produces results.

Customer Service Charter

The Customer Service Charter is an expression of the Shire of Toodyay's commitment to improving our service and communication with all stakeholders. It sets out the standards you can expect from the Shire every time you interact with us, whether it is by phone, through the mail, via email or in person.

The hallmark of our Service Charter is a promise to provide consistently professional and high quality service, based on the five core values of honesty, integrity, respect, professionalism and open communication.