Community Volunteering

Why become a community Volunteer?

We believe that the value of volunteering is at the core of community success.

What volunteering can offer you?

Help community focused groups achieve success in what they do:

  • Reach out to others who could benefit from your contribution
  • Meet like-minded people and be enthused
  • Share knowledge and experiences that enrich and reward
  • Do something different – stretch yourself and enjoy personal growth
  • Learn a new skill or assist others to do so

Directory - Community Groups

Fire and Emergency Services

The Shire is proud to partner with a range of stakeholders for the purpose of managing emergency situations on behalf of our community. If you are interested in joining one of these groups or for further information please contact CESM.

Does your organisation or group need volunteers?

Volunteering WA is an excellent resource that can assist you in securing volunteers. They can help with the following:

What you need to have in place to support volunteer activities.

  • A database of ready and able volunteers that may match what you are looking for
  • Referral of a prospective volunteer
  • Assistance with the recruitment of volunteers
  • Access to information on training and grant opportunities
  • Assistance with management of volunteers
  • Insurance requirements

For further information, expert advice or assistance please click here: