Culham Church


The church is the second oldest active Anglican church in Western Australia and is still an active cemetery (although there are special conditions to being buried there).

Culham Church has associations with significant church dignitaries and the Philips family in Culham. It is the second oldest active Anglican Church in Western Australia. The church has social value for its role in the community and its sense of place for generations of people who have worshipped and had special events and celebrations in the church. Culham Church has a simple and classic design and utilised local materials. The Church now contributes to the townscape.

In 1847 the Church of England constituted a new diocese of South Australia which included all of Western Australia until 1856. In 1849 Bishop Augustus Short, the first Bishop of Adelaide, visited his brother-in-law SP Phillips at Culham and, recognising the need for a church, Phillips donated 12 acres of land and started a building fund. In 1850, the timber was cut and by 1852 the stone walls had been constructed (by George Henry Hasell) and the building was roofed with flat sheets of iron. The first service was held in April 1853, despite the church building not being completed. The Phillips family departed for England and the church fell into disrepair. When the Phillips' returned, work was resumed and the church opened on 19 July 1857. St Phillip's was consecrated in September 1895 when Right Reverend GOL Riley, the third Bishop and first Archbishop, travelled to Culham.

1050 Bindi Bindi-Toodyay Road, Culham