Reconnect with Nature in Toodyay

Toodyay is the perfect place to reconnect with nature. There are many beautiful nature reserves with walk trails for all fitness levels, ranging from short easy walks to longer more difficult walks.  During spring (August to October) our reserves become host to a wide variety of wildflowers, the perfect place to enjoy beautiful views and abundant native flora and fauna. A brochure with all the walks can be downloaded here.

Front cover image photographed by: Alexandra Casey & Beyond the Break Photography

Pelham Reserve

Overlooking the town of Toodyay is Pelham Reserve. Spanning 50 ha with 6km of walking tracks, ranging from 500m to 2.25km. Park at the Pelham Lookout and admire the views overlooking the town and valley. From here there is a short walk through the Drummond Memorial Garden. Other tracks throughout the reserve will take you to points of interest that include a rifle range from the early 1900’s, the town’s original reservoir and WWII bunkers. Pelham Reserve is home to many native animals such as kangaroos and euros.  In spring there is an impressive display of pink everlasting on the Everlasting Loop trail. You can bring your furry friend but please keep them on a leash.

Pelham-lookout.jpg Pelham-Everlastings.jpg

Bilya Walk Track

The Bilya Walk Track is a 6.5km track that follows the Avon River from the Toodyay Caravan Park to Nardie Cemetery. There are a number of access points to shorten or pert your walk. From the Caravan Park the track goes through Duidgee Park and then continues on behind the town. You will see the back yards of a number of historic buildings and pass under some iconic bridges. As you leave town the track enters a Sheoak and Paperbark thicket – be sure to pay attention to the trail markers or you might get lost. Further on is the John Masters Bird Hide and Red Bank Pool where you can watch the native birds without disturbing them. Further again is Extracts Weir, a popular viewing location for the Avon Descent, and Millard’s Pool, the largest Pool on the Avon River. The track ends at Nardie Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in Toodyay. Throughout the walk you will see plenty of birdlife and historical points of interest.

Bilya-Walk-Track.jpg Bilya Walk Track bridge.png

Dawn Atwell Reserve

The Dawn Atwell Reserve is located 16km from Toodyay’s town site. There is an easy 5km walk trail around the perimeter. When walking the trail you will see a range of pristine vegetation including Banksia Woodland, Marri and Powderbark Wandoo. The reserve is a favourite for wildflower enthusiast throughout the year, particularly in spring, and is home to at least 33 bird species. Start and end your walk at the Julimar Road entrance, rest at the picnic table and enjoy the scenery.

Dawn-Atwell-landing-pic.jpg 1-Dawn-Atwell-acacia-species.jpg

Wongamine Nature Reserve

Wongamine Nature Reserve is located 17km from Toodyay’s town site. There are a number of medium difficulty walk trails including a 6.5km walk around the perimeter of the reserve and three smaller trails through the middle. Care should be taken as the reserve has gravelly slopes and steep gullies. The reserve features a fine example of Salmon Gums as well as the Mottlecah which has the largest Eucalypt flower in the world. In spring the reserve has a multitude of wildflowers on display, including a number of orchid species. Parking is located on either Bejoording Road or Forest Road which has a picnic table in the parking area.

60-Wongamine.jpg ToodyayShireLR12.jpg

Rugged Hills Reserve

Take in the beautiful views at Rugged Hills Reserve. Just an 11km drive from Toodyay’s town site, the reserve features steep hills and breathtaking views. There is an 8km perimeter walk that can be shortened by taking a fire break that runs through the middle of the reserve. Both walks are of medium to hard difficulty. Vegetation is varied and includes Wandoo, Jarrah and Marri. You will definitely see some native birds and might be lucky enough to spot the elusive Black Gloved Wallaby or Euro.

31-Rugged-Hills-white-myrtle.jpg Cowslip-Orchid.jpg

Majestic Heights Reserve

Only 6km from Toodyay town site, Majestic Heights Reserve is aptly named for its amazing views. The trail is a 2km, medium to hard difficulty, one way journey through natural woodland. It winds its way up the firebreak to Stirlingia Drive where you can see a spectacular view of Knockdomine Hill, Mt Nardie and Millard’s Pool. Return on the same track and take in the view down the Avon Valley towards the National Park. In spring a carpet of pink everlastings can be seen near the parking area.

Majestic Heights 1.jpg Majestic Heights 2.png

Panorama Reserve

Panorama Reserve has a hidden entrance off Panorama View. There is room for parking but the entrance to the reserve is quite narrow. The short 1km track takes you to an enjoyable view of the historical Clackline Railway. Return the same way and enjoy the track from a different perspective as you travel downhill. The reserve is an important habitat for many bird species so get your binoculars out for some bird watching. In spring you will find wildflowers such as orchids and blue leschenaultia.

Panorama-landing-pic.jpg 50-Panorama.jpg

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