Carports, patios and verandahs

Car ports

Carport (Building Class 10a):

 A Carport is a roofed, open structure either freestanding or attached to a dwelling, without a garage door, unless that door meets visual permeability.

Gazebo (Building Class 10a): 

A Gazebo is a free standing frame, covered outdoor structure, usually with partly or wholly screened walls.

Patio / Verandah (Building Class 10a): 

A Patio / Verandah is an open framed structure attached to the outside of a dwelling with a solid roof.

Pergola (Building Class 10b): 

A Pergola is an open structure that does not have a roof but may be covered with an open weave permeable material such as shade cloth. A Pergola with a solid roof is a Patio. 

Shade Sail (Building Class 10b): 

A Shade Sail is a piece of fabric (which may be water permeable or impermeable) fixed to posts or other structures but not a dividing fence. A water permeable shade sail is considered to be a Pergola while a water impermeable shade is considered a Patio.

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