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How are my rates calculated?

Rates are a property tax that contribute to the running of the Toodyay community and the delivery of services and facilities to our local district. Land in the Shire is rated in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.

The overall objective of rates is to provide for the shortfall in income required to enable the Shire of Toodyay to provide the necessary works and services each financial year, taking into account all non-rate sources of income.

The amount you pay in rates each year depends on the basis of valuation applied to the property. This valuation is determined by the Valuer Generals Office.

Council sets a rate in the dollar value and a minimum rate in the annual budget. The GRV(Show info) / UV(Show info) of a property is multiplied by the rate in the dollar to determine the annual rate amount (subject to a minimum rate) eg.

UV valuation x Rate in the dollar

$106,000.00 x 0.011680 = $1,238.08

Minimum rate = $1,351.00

Therefore the rates to be raised on this example property would be $1,351.00 (minimum).