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Donate to the Collection

The Shire of Toodyay has a commitment to care and preserve objects that are in the museum collection for present and future generations.  The Shire appreciates any donations to the museum collection of objects connected to Toodyay’s history and the Shire's obligation to care for them is not taken lightly.

Caring for museum objects involves protecting them from agents of decay such as light and UV radiation, variations in humidity and temperature, biological pests, dust and pollutants. 

The financial and human resources to do this are considerable so we have to be very mindful when we add new objects to the collection.

Considerations to be made

  1. Does it have a link to Toodyay (most important!)?
  2. How much does the donor know about its history?
  3. How did it come to be in the donor’s possession?
  4. Is it complete or nearly complete?
  5. Is it in a good or stable condition?
  6. Does it fill a “gap” in the museum collection?
  7. Does the Shire of Toodyay have the resources to care for it properly?