Local Government Elections

Ordinary Local Government Elections are held every two years on the third Saturday in October. Council members are elected for a term of up to four years.

The Shire of Toodyay’s 2023 Ordinary Election will be held on October 21, via postal voting. The Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) will conduct this postal election on the Shire’s behalf.

Postal voting packages are sent out to all electors three weeks prior to the election date. To be included in the count, ballot papers must be filled in and sealed as per the included instructions and either a) received via post by the election date, or b) deposited in the ballot box at the Shire Administration Centre by 6pm on election day. If you have not received a postal voting package, please contact WAEC.

Voting in local government elections is not compulsory in Western Australia, but all local electors are strongly encouraged to vote.

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Are you enrolled to vote?

You may be eligible to be enrolled to vote in local government elections if you live in or are an owner/occupier of rateable property in the Shire of Toodyay.

You must confirm your enrolment details for or enrol to vote prior to any upcoming election, by the relevant WAEC deadline. Visit the WAEC website to check your details or to enrol online. Physical enrolment forms are available from the WAEC office or any Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) office.

Eligibility enrolment claim forms for non-resident owners and occupiers of property in the Shire are available here. These must be lodged with the Chief Executive Officer at least 50 days before the relevant election date.

More information about election enrolment and eligibility is available here.


Are you considering nominating to be a Councillor candidate?

The Shire of Toodyay’s election on 21 October 2023 will fill three (3) Council vacancies. Nominations opened on Thursday August 31 and closed on Thursday September 7.

View 2023 Candidates

Check your eligibility to nominate for Council here. More information for candidates, including how to nominate and nomination requirements, is available here.

To inform and prepare prospective candidates for 2023 local government elections, the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) held a Candidate Information Briefing webinar. This can be viewed below. 

For further details regarding eligibility and nomination procedures, please contact WAEC on 13 63 06.


Local Government Reforms

Since the last local government elections, the State Government has made changes to the Local Government Act 1995. These changes aim to ensure local governments can better serve residents and ratepayers.  

The key reforms relevant to the Shire of Toodyay that will be in place for the October 2023 elections are: 

More information about these reforms is available here or via the short videos from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries below.

WATCH: Western Australia's Local Government Reforms


WATCH: How to vote in your Local Government Election


To find out more about local government elections, please contact WAEC.