Notification – Mandatory Townsite Pool and Spa Inspections Commencing September

Published on Monday, 4 September 2023 at 1:00:00 PM

The Shire wishes to advise residents that our mandatory four-yearly swimming pool and spa inspections will commence in September, for existing private pools and spas located in the Shire’s townsites.   

The purpose of these inspections is to ensure all pools and spas in the area are protected by barriers that meet State-legislated safety standards.

A Shire officer will attend your property to conduct an inspection. If you are not on the premises at the time to provide property access, a card will be left requesting that you contact us to arrange a suitable date and time for your inspection. This must be arranged within 21 days of receiving the card.

During your inspection, the inspecting officer will make sure your fences, gates and latches are in good working order; check that there are no climbable objects close to your pool/spa fencing; and assess other risk factors to ensure you are meeting all required safety standards.

  • All newly built private swimming pools and spas containing more than 300mm of water must have a compliant barrier or fence installed for safety purposes
  • This requirement extends to above-ground, below-ground, temporary and portable pools, wading pools and spas
  • It does not include pools emptied after each use, provided that the water depth does not reach 300mm

Remember, all pools and spas in the Shire require both approval and a building permit prior to installation. You must also notify us when a pool or spa is removed so a Shire officer can confirm it has been removed correctly.

If you live outside a Shire townsite and would like to request an inspection, you may do so prior to summer by contacting us to arrange an appointment. The fee for requested inspections is $58.45.

If you would like more information or have any questions about pool and spa inspections in the Shire, please contact us.