Volunteers of Toodyay Museums recognised for team effort

Published on Monday, 1 February 2021 at 12:20:00 AM


Volunteers of Toodyay Museums were recently awarded the Waste Team of the Year at the 2020 Infinity Awards. The Infinity Awards acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Western Australians working towards a better future through improved waste practices and innovative waste solutions. There were 10 categories awarded and the Volunteers of Toodyay Museums won Waste Team of the Year .

The Volunteers of Toodyay Museums are a dedicated small team who have demonstrated a commitment and passion to reducing waste and protecting heritage through “Project Shingles”. The team recovered approximately 21,000 shingles and prevented 12 tonnes of material from going to landfill. The recovered shingles are cleaned and sold as souvenirs or as a unique canvas for crafts people to work with. Shingles have been made into wind chimes, clocks, shingle bells, mosaic works, name boards and pyrographed and stencilled with messages. Congratulations to the Project Shingles team for their achievement and for demonstrating to the community that a small group of residents can make a difference.

The Minister for Environment, Disability Services and Electoral Affairs, Hon. Stephen Noel Dawson MLC said of the team “Your dedicated team demonstrated a commitment and passion to reducing waste and protect-ing heritage through “Project Shingles”. This inspiring project has seen shingles that would otherwise go to landfill recovered and repurposed. Congratulations to everyone in your team.”

Congratulations to all those involved with this team in achieving the recognition you deserve.

Pictured: Mr Barry Keen, museum volunteer and Suzie Haslehurst, CEO displaying the award received by the volunteer team.

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