Toodyay Library Talk | May 2020

Published on Friday, 22 May 2020 at 3:00:00 PM

May is coming to an end (shockingly) and with it comes good news: the library is open for business again. The now-normal precautions – sanitising, social distancing et cetera – apply to all visitors, and we are also required to record details of every visit. That aside, you are now welcome to come in and browse as usual after eight weeks of that simple pleasure being out of bounds. We certainly missed our members the past few months, but kept ourselves busy behind closed doors organising the library space, streamlining stock, processing new items, promoting our range of eResources and much more. We are continuing to prioritise proper hygiene and staff safety practices at all times (miming high fives when we cross a task off our to-do list) and are quarantining all returns before reshelving. There’s nothing like having to disinfect hundreds and hundreds of books one by one, as we have done up until now, to make you realise how economical a single antibacterial wipe can be. At least we’re learning something from all of this craziness…

Contactless Collection and Home Delivery Service: How Did We Do?

The collection and home delivery services we put in place during the closure were a big success – collection proved particularly popular. Many members chose to contact us when in need of something to read, and based on the person’s preferred authors, borrower history or faith in our judgment (risky business) we selected and issued items to be left outside the library for pickup. The way we packaged the loans in question made us feel like Santa leaving presents out for well-behaved children – but don’t worry, none of us grew a beard in the process (though if beauty salons are shut for much longer, anything is possible). While we are now offering our usual physical services again, collection and delivery will remain available for the time being. If you are continuing self-isolation, are more comfortable with contactless borrowing or simply can’t make it into town but are desperate for some reading material, we’ve got you covered. Call us on 9574 2323 between 9am and 5.00pm weekdays, or email us at

Searching Through and Reserving Library Stock Using Our Online Catalogue

We’re so happy to have you back in the building and browsing our shelves again…but did you know that you can take a virtual trip through Toodyay Library without even leaving the house? Just visit our online catalogue, where you can log in using your library card barcode then search to your heart’s content by author, title, keyword, subject and much more. The catalogue also allows you to view your current loans, renew items and reserve items – plus, you can see a list of everything new on shelf by selecting the ‘Search’ menu option followed by ‘New In Library’. Access the catalogue via the Libraries section of the Shire of Toodyay website, or go directly to

Until next month, keep safe, healthy and reading!

Your local librarians – Carrie, Jas B, Jas D and Lindy

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