This Bay is Someone's Day

Published on Monday, 25 January 2021 at 12:40:00 AM

The Shire of Toodyay is proudly supporting the ‘This Bay is Someone’s Day’ campaign as part of our ongoing work in creating an accessible and inclusive community for people living with disability.

The Mission

Reduce the misuse of ACROD Parking bays around Western Australia.

Join our community awareness campaign to reduce the misuse of ACROD Parking bays in the community. We are on a mission to show how doing the right thing helps make everyone’s day brighter.

The Challenge

Whether it’s stopping to pick up kids, grabbing a quick coffee or “ducking into the shops for five minutes” – misuse by people parking without a permit happens.  We have spoken to people who misuse ACROD parking bays and their feedback tells us that there is a lack of understanding about the real need for ACROD Parking.

Our Campaign

Working in partnership with permit holders, local governments and businesses to develop the concept of the campaign; we established “This Bay Is Someone’s Day,” which highlights the impact that parking without a permit can have on someone’s day

What might save you a couple of minutes can have a long lasting impact on someone else’s day.  Cars parked without an ACROD permit may attract a $500 fine from our Rangers.

Learn more about the campaign


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