ShoWcAse in Pixels Art Competition and Exhibition: Our 2023 Finalists

Published on Thursday, 7 September 2023 at 11:00:00 AM

The WA Local Government Association's (WALGA) ShoWcAse in Pixels art competition and exhibition is in full swing for 2023 – and we're very excited to share the Shire of Toodyay's winning entry and amazing finalist submissions, prior to the results announcement on September 18 at Crown Perth's WALGA Convention. 

ShoWcAse in Pixels is held annually and invites all WA local governments to submit artworks inspired by their towns (from amateur and professional artists, schools, community groups, and anyone else of any age who wants to get creative) which are then included in a slideshow on Yagan Square's 45-metre digital tower. The artworks also go on to represent their Councils in the ShoWcAse competition, where they may be a category and/or overall winner.

We are participating for the first time ever this year, and proudly present our winning entry, "Thriving in August" by Jessica Edwards Parker, selected from seven wonderful submissions by a vote among Shire staff and Councillors.

You can see Jessica's art on display in Yagan Square, plus entries from 15 other Councils, in the slideshow running from 12pm-12.15pm daily until September 24. You can also visit WALGA on Facebook to view all 16 entries. 

Stay tuned for the competition results, and in the meantime, enjoy our winner and finalists below! 


Jessica Edwards Parker (Winner)

"In this combined analogue and digital drawing, you will find a representation of the Toodyay Shire I live in, with its brilliant yellow canola crops, sheep grazing their currently green pastures, pink and purple wildflowers, the Julimar State Forest and its salmon gums, Wandoo and York Gums, and the misty days in the Makuru season. You will find a speckled flow of white weaving through this image as I explore the notion of sheep and their lambs, corellas , and mist being a very white element to our winters. The mist becomes the surging waters of the Avon. The Avon trickles out of the forests and farmlands. Without properly acknowledging and preserving this beautiful and delicate water system, our future life of plenty will fail. Using the railway to transport our grain as we have done for over 100 years helps keep our environment clean. Hidden in this piece are a few wallabies, emus, and galahs. I’ve also included Drummond’s hedge.

This artwork started out as a drawing using copic markers and pencils. It transitioned to an art program on my tablet, where I painted with digital brushes. I have also added a special feature to this artwork: it is a repeat pattern that could one day be turned into a fabric."


Clockwise, from top left: Jacquie Lucas, Ashlyn Steward, Ruebe Duke, Kaylee Howard, Ruby Ames, Hayley McCallum


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