Our town is full of them...

Published on Tuesday, 18 August 2020 at 11:00:00 AM

Full of what? Full of wonderful people who go about their business each day and in doing so, make a difference.

Who would have thought a weekly chook raffle could give so much back to the community.

Stella and John Pearce do just that each week when the Freemasons Hotel holds a chook raffle with the proceeds donated back to the community. The most recent recipient was junior tennis receiving a donation of $350.

The Toodyay Junior Tennis Club runs during the warmer months of the year and has around 60 members. They meet on a Saturday and during the week after school. With a new Level 2 coach commencing soon and the club moving up to the new Recreation Centre to the brand new courts there, it looks like the club is going from strength to strength. How can we go wrong when groups and clubs such as the junior tennis have the support and backing from community hero’s like John, Stella and the Freemasons Hotel.


(pictured: Sue Dye, Bree Byfield, Parker and Jackson Byfield)

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