Help Manage the Growing Corella Population: Share Your Sightings and Impact

Published on Monday, 8 July 2024 at 4:55:37 PM

The Shire of Toodyay, on behalf of the Wheatbelt NRM, is calling on our community and local businesses to help report the increasing population of corellas in our region. We understand the concerns regarding the impact these birds have on both our natural and built environments. To address these issues, Wheatbelt NRM has been conducting a 12-month survey to help develop a joint strategy and lobby for state involvement and funding. Your input is crucial.  An information sheet is here.

Why Your Participation Matters:

Corellas are known to:

  • Compete with endangered native species such as Carnaby's cockatoos for nesting hollows, sometimes even removing eggs.
  • Cause crop losses by digging up plants looking for seeds and damaging trees.
  • Impact sporting grounds by pulling up grasses.
  • Damage electrical wiring and implements.
  • Foul water and buildings.
  • Disturb built up areas with flock noise.

Your reports on corella sightings and their impact will provide valuable data to develop strategies for better managing their population. This information will support lobbying for action at the state level and coordinating efforts with stakeholders such as CBH, local Shires, telecommunications and electrical suppliers, private industry, and landholders.

How You Can Help:

Please take a minute to complete the short survey when you spot a flock or get impacted. Your input will directly contribute to a coordinated approach in addressing the corella issue. Complete the survey any time you see corellas to report or are affected. Any feedback helps.

Complete the Survey at or scan the QR code on the attached information sheet mentioned above.

Let's work together to protect our environment and community from the adverse effects of corellas. Thank you for your participation!

For any inquiries, please contact Jacquie Lucas, Project Delivery Officer at Wheatbelt NRM.


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