Bindoon Mobile Recovery Campaign Inc.

Published on Wednesday, 26 February 2020 at 9:00:00 AM

Last year the Bindoon Mobile Recovery Campaign Inc was successful in securely funding from the Shire of Toodyay as part of its Community Sponsorship Program.

Storn Petterson is dedicated and passionate about raising awareness on important issues such as mental health and suicide in rural/regional areas. Many of you would have seen the infamous stickered Holden Commodore and its trailer parked in Toodyay on a weekend or at one of our many events, stocked with vital resources and information, with Storn ready to lend an ear or have a casual chat.

We all know how the importance of the question ‘Are you ok?’ Sometimes a simple conversation can be the start of some big changes in people’s lives, many of whom may not otherwise seek advice or professional help. It could be you, a friend or a loved one.

The Shire of Toodyay is proud to be a sponsor of this service in Toodyay. If you see him around, pop over and say hello.

Thank you to Storn for forwarding the Shire some photos and information of his travels within the Shire and the wider community. Also congratulations to Storn for winning the City of Swan Australia Day Citizen of the Year for this project.

The Black Dog Ride will be heading through Toodyay on Sunday, 15 March around 10:45am, which also aims to start a National conversation about depression and suicide prevention.

1 in 5 Australians experience a mental health condition each year. 3 million Australians are living with depression or anxiety. 8 Australians take their lives each day. That is one Aussie every three hours losing their life to the black dog. The tragic loss of our loved ones to suicide drives the Black Dog Ride to build a community culture of awareness, inclusion and acceptance. Breaking down the barrier of silence encourages our friends, family and colleagues to seek help, because mental illness is just that, an illness. Mental illness can be managed and lead to a meaningful, fulfilling life. Fostering awareness is the catalyst for encouraging help seeking behaviour and preventing suicide. It’s time to speak up!


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