2019 Aussie Backyard Bird Count results

Published on Wednesday, 11 March 2020 at 10:40:00 AM

The data collected by these citizen scientists plays a vital role in providing important information to BirdLife Australia. We know more about our threatened birds than we do about our common backyard birds and the Aussie Backyard Bird Count helps to fill this knowledge gap, as well as increasing our understanding of Australian bird species that live where people live. The Aussie Backyard Bird Count also helps raise the profile of bird species throughout Australia, highlighting their importance and promoting a national passion for Australian birds. Each year this natural passion is confirmed, with the Aussie Backyard Bird Count attracting significant interest from the public eager to be involved and help contribute to our growing knowledge of Australian birds. The next Aussie Backyard Bird Count will take place from 19 - 25 October 2020.

The following statistics relate to the Shire of Toodyay region during the Aussie Backyard Bird Count that ran from the 21 to 27 October 2019: 22 observers participated in the bird count - A total of 2,018 individual birds were observed and recorded during the week - 78 bird species were recorded.



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