Notification – Seismic Surveying Activity

Published on Tuesday, 10 January 2023 at 1:45:46 PM

The Shire wishes to advise residents that Chalice Mining Ltd. will be conducting a seismic survey in the following areas from mid-January:

  • Mortimer Road and Cooks Road in the Julimar State Forest
  • Chalice-owned property south of Julimar Road

Seismic surveying is a safe and low-impact exploration method used to image subsurface geology. It requires a truck-mounted, vibrating device with light vehicle support, and is not ground-disturbing.  

This surveying will take approximately two weeks to complete, depending on contractor availability and weather conditions.

During this time, traffic on Mortimer Road and Cooks Road may be impacted, with the possibility of restricted access for vehicles. Chalice recommends all vehicles avoid these roads for the period if possible. Take caution if you do come across any surveying in progress.

This activity is expected to have minimal impact on surrounds, with the exception of noise for a short duration. Vibrations may be felt within close proximity to the machinery (<20 metres). All surveying will occur on existing roads, tracks and road verges.

For more information, please contact Chalice on 9322 3960 or You can find out more about Chalice’s exploration activity throughout Julimar State Forest here.

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