Moondyne Festival

Published on Tuesday, 25 May 2021 at 11:10:30 AM

It has been an active time in the Community Development space with the popular Moondyne Festival returning to Toodyay. In a day held in honour of the legendary bushranger, Moondyne Joe, the township was again transformed into its celebrated pioneer period with swaggies, floozies and coppers decorating the main street.

The main highlight of the day was the famous re-enactment of Moondyne Joe’s array of escapes. Enjoyed by many visitors and locals alike, the beautiful town of Toodyay came alive with all the skylarking and escapades of Joe and his unruly gang.

In what was a memorable day for Toodyay, the Shire would like to thank the Moondyne Festival committee, all the local groups who assisted and the Toodyay community who supported our historic centerpiece event.






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