A Message from the Shire President - May

Published on Tuesday, 25 May 2021 at 10:45:13 AM

The big question being asked is what did our new Toodyay Recreation Centre cost?

The answer is this administration has not yet had sufficient time to examine in detail the planning and earthworks incurred in the six years prior to June 2019.

The construction cost since June 2019 is $14,997,723 minus $33,469 for a cylinder mower.

This amount did not include land purchase and money spent on design, construction plans or earthworks prior to June 2019.

Costs began in the 2013/2014 financial year when the shire purchased 13ha of land near Toodyay District High School for $1,675,000 with Shire funds and a WA Treasury Corporation loan.

Part of the money was allocated to Peter Hunt Architects in 2014 to develop and design a master plan.

In February 2017 a business case identified project costs totalling $23.1 million for Stage One accompanied by whole-of-life costings.

The Stage One plans were scaled down after cost estimates were revised in December 2017 and funding outcomes were known.

Two interest-only WA Treasury loans totalling $4.5 million were obtained to fund the revised Stage One construction phase.

Those two short-term loans will be converted to a single long-term (over 20 years) loan in June 2021 .

The two loans - combined with $6,722,957 in grants and $3,756,635 of shire funds – provided a total of $14,979,593 for construction.

The total budget was $14,967,962 plus ‘in-kind’ contributions from local contractors.

The actual build cost of $14,997,723 - minus $33,469 for a mower – meant that construction was completed $3,708 below budget.

Though costs were known throughout the construction period, actual amounts spent were required to be confirmed by acquittal.

The shire engaged a quantity surveyor to ensure all quantities of invoiced materials were accounted for. The invoices were then assessed against the project’s budget and quotes.

This work would normally be done by the Shire Manager of Finance.

However, staff changes, the transfer of all shire financial and other records to a new digital management system and the shire budget required that the CEO undertake the acquittals.

All works are completed and have been paid for.


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