Works Update: Big Milestones Reached on Bindi Bindi-Toodyay Road

Published on Monday, 1 May 2023 at 4:00:00 PM

Several significant Shire works projects located on Bindi Bindi-Toodyay Road have recently been completed by our construction team, making it a smoother and safer road for Toodyay travellers.


Federal Black Spot Program Reconstruction

Three kilometres of Bindi Bindi-Toodyay Road (SLK 0.00-3.00) have been reconstructed as part of the Federal Black Spot Program.

This program offers funding for nominated road locations where vehicle accidents are a high risk, allowing changes and improvements to be made that reduce that risk. The Shire of Toodyay’s funding has allowed us to complete:

  • 33,000m² of road formation;
  • 28,000m² of sealed road (including primer and a two-coat seal);
  • 800m of W-BEAM barrier;
  • 320m of mountable concrete kerbing;
  • 9000m of line marking; and
  • 300 raised pavement markers, guideposts, and culvert markers.


Sealing and Asphalt Intersection Upgrade

We have also completed sealing works and an asphalt intersection on another two-kilometre section of Bindi Bindi-Toodyay Road (SLK 14.20-16.20).

These upgrade works resulted in 17,000m² being mixed, trimmed, and compacted - with line marking to be conducted within the next few weeks.


A big shoutout goes to our hardworking construction team for their achievements in reaching both of these project milestones, and for making our Shire a safer place to be behind the wheel – keep up the fantastic work. 

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