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Published on Thursday, 18 March 2021 at 11:36:27 AM

Once upon a time (1985 specifically), an abandoned service station in Glen Forrest was transformed into Enchantmentland, a trip back in time taken through a curious collection of collectables. Thirty-five years later, Toodyay Fairytale Farm on Beaufort Street – a whimsical wonderland of interactive displays, friendly farm animals, vintage toys, an amazing maze and much more – opened to the public. What’s the connection? Family first and foremost, but that’s not all there is to this (fairy) tale.

Farm owners and operators Cassandra and John Duckworth are following in family footsteps that trace straight back to the original Enchantmentland. Not only were Cassandra’s grandparents the founders of the Glen Forrest attraction, but it was her mother Janine who took over when Enchantmentland relocated to Toodyay in 1995. Two years of hard yards for herself and husband Martin came next, which included creating winding paths and sculpting countless cement statues – both by hand, with occasional input from a wheelbarrow. Sleeping Beauty’s castle, still a favourite today, was the biggest build. Considering it was constructed out of oil drums, hessian, chicken wire and other recycled materials, it’s as eco-friendly as it is enchanting.

Sadly, Toodyay’s Enchantmentland closed in 2002, and for a while it seemed that happily ever afters there were a thing of the past. That was until 2018, when Cassandra and John, who had purchased the property from Cassandra’s mother and lived there for over a decade, decided to start a new chapter. Not satisfied seeing her mother’s hard work go to waste – and spotting space in the local market for a family-friendly tourist attraction – Cassandra turned fairy godmother and waved her magic wand over the former Enchantmentland, bringing it back to life. It was a laborious wand wave involving hours of effort from herself, John, the couple’s five children and some generous community members…but eventually, it worked its magic.

The Fairytale Farm officially opened in February 2020, with the family history making it an heirloom passed down through three generations, much like many of the mini-museum’s vintage toys. Growing the concept created by Cassandra’s grandparents and parents over the years, she and John combined nostalgic memorabilia and numerous displays – from Gulliver’s Travels to Peter Rabbit and The Three Little Pigs – with outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy: Alice in Wonderland themed croquet, giant Jenga and the aforementioned maze, to name a few.

The biggest addition was the assortment of animals that help the farm live up to its name: 90 furry and feathered friends in total including sheep, chickens, guinea pigs, real-life Peter rabbits and peacocks, plus the most popular of all – no kid-ding – goats. A surprising number of visitors from the metro area have never had a chance to interact with farm animals, so Old MacDonald’s Farm is always a hit. The animals are also known to go on field trips themselves, with human supervision of course, having recently made an appearance at the Recreation Centre’s Australia Day breakfast.

Cassandra and John like to think of the animals as family, but their kids (no, not the baby goats) come first – and all five are part of Fairytale Farm life in their own way. That can mean dressing up for princess duty, painting faces at parties, or taking their friends on tours of the gift shop right in their backyard.

Unfortunately the princesses, face-painters and amateur tour guides had to take some time off last year when, after just a month in action, the farm was forced to close for three months due to COVID restrictions – definitely not the debut the Duckworths had in mind. Like Snow White after her kiss from Prince Charming however, it was soon revived, and has had a steady stream of visitors and plenty of positive feedback ever since.  There’s no wonder why, when as Cassandra says, ‘Everyone can enjoy it because everyone has an inner child’. The farm has something for the young and the young at heart, whether it’s a walk through the dioramas and displays with a nursery rhyme singalong along the way (no pressure); reminiscing over the vast vintage toy collection; giving a snack and a scratch to some of the animals; or taking family time out with a picnic high on the hill. 

The moral of the story is if you’re up for an adventure in a (not so) faraway land, Toodyay Fairytale Farm is the place for you. You’ll find it at 90 Beaufort Street and in business 10am-4pm on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and every day of the mid-year school holidays. Entry is $12 for adults, $9 for children 16 and under/concession holders, and free for infants. School/community groups and birthday parties are welcome.

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