Lumineer Adventure Tours

Lumineer Adventure Tours specialise in nature based tours and often incorporate Star Gazing into their tours that finish in the evening. They have powerful telescopes, specially designed cameras for Astrophotography and Astro Binoculars to enhance your viewing experience of the night sky.

Toodyay has some of the best dark skies for stargazing in Australia. Enjoy a sunset BBQ dinner in the paddock then listen to ancient stories of the night sky created by the world's first astronomers, the Australian Aborigines.

Or take a scenic tour through the rolling hills of the Avon Valley to get to a camel dairy that has the world's first mobile camel milking system. Take a guided tour, sample their camel milk skincare products and maybe take a camel selfie. Then settle down for a BBQ dinner in the paddock with the camels as the sun sets.

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