Visit from Department of Transport

Published on Tuesday, 25 May 2021 at 11:43:57 AM

The WABN Grants program is one of the key actions detailed in the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan 2014-2031 which sets out a framework for the provision of a safe and sustainable cycling network across WA

An organised visit from Department of Transport (DoT) to Toodyay tested the network by taking a ride on some of the Toodyay Pathways. In particular to take some photos and video of the new path that has just been installed from Drummond Street (School Rd) along Jarratt Pass to the Recreation Centre.

This is the path that is 50% funded by Shire of Toodyay and 50% by WA Bike Network Grant (DoT). The visitors loved the ride and the highlighted collaboration between Local and State Governments. The Shire acknowledges the efforts and hard work our depot employees put into applying for grant funding to complete these types of projects the Shire otherwise couldn’t afford.

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