Toodyay Road Update

Published on Friday, 16 April 2021 at 10:43:27 AM

Main Roads continues to upgrade sections of Toodyay Road to improve road user safety and reduce road trauma.

Construction of the overtaking lane on Toodyay Road between Lovers Lane and Jingaling Brook Road is still on schedule for completion by May 2021. Side tracks have been used to reduce the impact on traffic and will be removed once the Toodyay Road has been realigned and widened at this location. The road widening around Racecourse Road is also running to schedule for completion by May 2021. Audible edge lines will be installed once the works are completed.

Main Roads’ upgrade of Toodyay Road, between Aspen Road and Dryandra Road, is expected to get underway in mid-April and be finished by mid-2021. This project is jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments under the Regional Road Safety Program.

The intersections of Berry Road, Bailup Road, Utah Road and Squarcini Close will be widened to allow vehicles travelling straight on Toodyay Road to safely pass those turning right.

Toodyay Road will also be widened for about six kilometres to include sealed shoulders and safety barriers, to help prevent run-off road crashes and protect users from roadside hazards.

Speed restrictions and stop/slow traffic management will be in place on Toodyay Road and at each intersection while work is undertaken.

Main Roads will minimise the clearing required for this project by installing steel safety barriers in suitable locations along both carriageways, allowing a number of trees to be retained in the verge.

Minor clearing will be required for the widening work and to improve sightlines at the four intersections. This work will be guided by a comprehensive environmental assessment which has determined

that the impacted area is a mix of planted and native vegetation, some of which is quite degraded. Approval has been granted for the small areas of Eucalypt woodland earmarked for removal.

There is a significant amount of comparably higher quality fauna habitat nearby, with large swathes of state and national park within close proximity of Toodyay Road. As a result, no significant impact to fauna is expected.

All suitable vegetation removed as part of this project will be mulched and reused on-site, or on other Main Roads projects.

For updates about the Toodyay Road upgrade project, please sign up on at the Main Roads website Main Roads can be contacted by phone on 138 138 or email

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