Successful ‘Famil’ tours between surrounding Shires

Published on Tuesday, 25 May 2021 at 11:00:59 AM

If you don’t know, a ‘Famil’ provides the best way in which a region can put its best foot forward to impress.

The VC team have been busy visiting surrounding Visitors Centres over March and April. These Famil Tours have been attended by Toodyay, Northam, Beverley, York, Goomalling and Chittering.

Our first Famil Tour was Chittering and Toodyay. We met at the Bindoon Bakehaus for morning tea followed by a visit to the Northern Valleys Locavore Store and then on to their recently revamped Visitors Centre.

Lunch was provided at the Toodyay Visitors Centre where the visitors were shown through Connor’s Mill museum. Following lunch the group set out on the Convict Depot Walk, stopping at the Newcastle Gaol museum for a look around on the way. Back down the main street to take in our wonderful shops with a stop at Uniquely Toodyay.

Our second Famil Tour was Beverley and York. We all met at the Beverley Visitors Centre which is a fairly new purpose built building also housing the CRC, Library and Day Care Centre. From there, a wander down the main street admiring the many murals on view and stopping in at some of the local businesses including the recently renovated Freemasons Hotel. Then to visit Beverley’s new Skate Park before heading over to York.

York had a surprise waiting for us with some old vehicles waiting to give us a tour around town before heading to the top of Mt Brown. Once there a local Aboriginal elder told us some of their stories about Mt Brown and other hills and outcrops in the area. Back down the hill for afternoon tea at the York Motor Museum followed by a quick tour of some of York’s local businesses.

Our third and final Famil Tour was Goomalling and Northam. Starting in Goomalling we were treated to morning tea followed by a look around Slater Homestead, then a tour around town in their Community Bus with a stop at the Goomalling Caravan Park.

On to Northam for lunch at the Bilya Koort Boodja followed by a tour of the impressive centre. Finally a wander down to the Farmers Home Hotel (formerly the Shamrock) for a look around there.

The Toodyay VC has thoroughly enjoyed these Famil Tours and learning about our neighboring towns. Toodyay is looking forward in working with the other districts to support and promote one another and continue promoting the Avon Valley as a fantastic place for tourists to visit.

Pictured below: The VC teams on Mt Brown in York.



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