Chalice Mining Exploration Drilling

Published on Wednesday, 19 January 2022 at 12:20:48 PM

Chalice Mining has advised the Shire that exploration drilling has begun in the Julimar State Forest with the first stage commencing on Ferguson Road. 

Chalice’s drilling in the Julimar Forest is strictly governed by a Conservation Management Plan and the Shire has been advised that this initial program will operate wholly within the footprint of existing fire and recreational tracks and no vegetation clearing will occur. 

Major access roads will still be accessible to members of the public, and comprehensive warning signs will alert any interruptions to minor road access. The drilling crews have undergone extensive training, including assisting members of the public to safely pass.

Updates will be provided on further activity as the program progresses. For more information, please contact the Chalice office on (08) 9322 3960 or via email

Julimar Project - Chalice Information Sheet

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