Nuisance Cats


Under the provision of the Cat Act 2011, the Shire or a property owner/occupiers may seize cats if they are on private property without the consent of the owner/occupiers. The Shire can impound trapped cats to check for a Microchip, determine if a cat is feral or contact organisations that arrange re-homing of cats.

The following are a number of behaviours which are indicative of what could be considered 'nuisance behaviour:

  • A cat keeps coming into the garden and spraying on outdoor furniture
  • The cat keeps defecating in flower beds
  • A cat is coming into the garden and frightening your cat
  • There is a cat outside that appears to be in pain and yowling constantly
  • The neighbour’s cat is killing wild life in the garden, particularly birds
  • There is, what seems to be, a feral cat in the garden; it is skinny and appears to be looking for food
  • The neighbour’s cat keeps entering the house cat flap and eating your cat’s food.

Download our Nuisance Cat fact sheet.(PDF, 46KB)


The Shire has a limited number of traps available for hire with conditions of use and a $50 deposit (that is given back when the cage is returned).

If in doubt - contact the RSPCA for further advice, on (08) 9209 9300.