Building envelopes and setbacks

What is a building envelope?

A building envelope is a designated area on your property within which it has been deemed suitable to build upon. 
No building shall be located closer to a boundary than thirty (30) metres in the Rural Residential and Rural Living zone and a minimum of fifty (50) metres in a Rural Zone. If the proposed building is within full view of a main or district road as designated in the Scheme, the setback from this road shall be a minimum of one hundred (100) metres. All other boundary setbacks will remain the same.

The majority of the land within the toodyay Townsite have minimum setbacks and permitted lot boundaries.

R10. State Planning Policy No 3.1 - Residential Design Codes define the rules and regulations for setbacks boundaries

Further advice on setbacks may be sought from Shire's Planning and Development team.

Building Envelopes usually only apply to properties within Structure Planning Areas. 

The main objectives of building envelopes are to:

  • Provide for the orderly development of rural land;
  • Minimise the need to clear vegetation for buildings;
  • Ensure adequate separation distances between buildings and effluent disposal systems from watercourses, wetlands and groundwater levels;
  • Ensure suitable site conditions for development within the building envelope; and
  • Minimise the visual impact of buildings on the landscape.

Can I build on land outside my approved building envelope?

If you wish to build outside the approved building envelope, the proposed development will require planning approval in most instances.

Please contact the Shire for more information about the specific nature of your development