When is a planning or development application required?

A Planning or Development Application is a request to alter the land or land use, construct a building or structure.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, then you will need to obtain planning approval from the Shire prior to the commencement of building or development on your land.

  • Does your development involve the erection of a building other than a single house, extension to a single house, or an outbuilding or swimming pool ancillary to a single house?
  • Is your development a relocated building?
  • Is your development listed as a ‘D’, ‘A’ or ‘X’ use under the provisions of Local Planning Scheme No 4?
  • Is the development located in a Special Control Area, a heritage list or in a heritage area?
  • Does your development propose a variation to any of the provisions within the Residential Design Codes or Local Planning Scheme No 4 or any Council policy? 

An owner/occupier wishing to undertake a land use which is designated as “P” under the zoning table does not require development approval if it complies with all development requirements under the Scheme and does not involve the erection of any structure. All other land uses and developments will require the approval of the Shire before they commence.

Depending on there being no specific subdivision restrictions in the area in which you live, rural pursuits such as the keeping of horses, sheep, goats etc. which are not for trade or commercial purposes, and comply with the Department of Agriculture and Food’s Stocking Rate Guidelines for Small Rural Holdings, do not require planning approval from the Shire.