What is a ‘heritage area’?

A ‘heritage area’ is an area which is considered to have significant cultural heritage and character, and is designated under clause 3 of the Shire’s Local Planning Scheme No. 4. Once an area is designated as a ‘heritage area’, special planning controls take effect in order to conserve and enhance the significant cultural heritage and character of the area.

How does a heritage listing affect my property?

There are three types of heritage listings:

State Registered List

Please contact the State Heritage Office to determine whether your property is listed on the State Register. The State Heritage Office can be contacted on 08 6552 4000 or through their website at www.heritage.wa.gov.au

Local Heritage Listing

The Shire's Municipal Inventory(PDF, 21MB) contains properties that are considered to have significant heritage value. Each property is categorised according to its level of heritage importance and value.

The Western Australian Planning Commission’s Statement of Planning Policy 3.5 Historic Heritage Conservation may be able to provide you with further information about local heritage properties.

Local Government Inventory

The Local Government Inventory is a list of places considered to have local cultural heritage significance and is managed by the City of Swan under the Heritage of WA Act 1990.