Local Emergency Management Committee

Where:             Shire of Toodyay Council Chambers

2020 Dates:    13 February 2020
                        8 May 2020
                       14 August 2020
                       13 November 2020

Time:              5.00pm


Councillor Bell
Councillor Pearce
Police Officer in Charge – Toodyay
Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
Community Emergency Services Management Officer (CESM)
Principal Toodyay District High School
Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMO)


St John Ambulance
Silver Chain
Toodyay Volunteer Fire & Rescue
Red Cross
Department of Child Protection
Mains Roads

Deputy Members

Councillor Chitty Councillor Rayner


Staff Members

Chief Executive Officer

Local Recovery Coordinator

Deputy Local Recovery Coordinator

Environmental Health Officer


Purpose of the Local Emergency Management Committee is to advise and assist Council in:

  1. ensuring local emergency management arrangements are in place;
  2. liaising with others in the development and review of local emergency management arrangements; and
  3. carry out other emergency management activities as directed by the State Emergency Management Committee or as prescribed.

This Committee is established under Section 38 of the Emergency Management Act 2005.

This Committee does not have any delegated authority.

Part 3 (Division 1) Section 38 of the Emergency Management Act 2005 provides for the establishment of a Local Emergency Management Committee. 

Section 38(3) of the Emergency Management Act 2005 provides for the membership of a LEMC subject to Section 38(4) of the Emergency Management Act 2005 whereby the constitution and procedures of a local emergency management committee, and the terms and conditions of appointment of members, are to be determined by the SEMC.

Sections 16 to 20 of State Emergency Management Policy No. 2.5 – Emergency Management in Local Government Districts provides guidelines to local government in relation to the membership of a Local Emergency Management Committee.

The two documents that act as guidelines for the holding of Committees of Council Meetings are as follows

 All dates are subject to change.