Toodyay Pioneer Heritage Trail


The Toodyay Pioneer Heritage Trail is a 20km drive from the intersection of Toodyay Road & Morangup Road to Duidgee Park. The trail traces the route of the first settlers in the area, to what is now known as West Toodyay. At a leisurely pace the trail offers a pleasant two hour drive with opportunities for picnicking and bushwalking. It follows Morangup Road, River Road, Lovers Lane, Sandplain Road, Folewood Road and West Toodyay Road. West Toodyay was the original site of the Toodyay settlement, unfortunately the historic buildings are long gone due to regular flooding of the area.

According to Aboriginal Australians the Toodyay valley was the dwelling place of the great magic snake who during winter floods, lived deep in the flowing springs at "Boolgart" (Bolgart). As summer approached and the creeks dried up, the giant snake made it's way underground, down Toodyay Brook to the Avon River and upstream to the long deep pool at Burlong near present day Northam. Aboriginal tales of severe flooding, when even kangaroo's get bogged, became credible after floods in 1847 and 1849 threatened the town.

Boulders with plaques have been placed along the West Toodyay Road, Fitzgerald Terrace & Picnic Hill Road, to depict where these buildings once stood. 

West Toodyay Historical sites include: West Toodyay School Site, Samuel Ferguson's Cottage, Royal Oak Inn, Highland Laddie, Queen's Head Hotel, Military Barracks, Colonial School, Lock up, Catholic Chapel.

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Please note:

  • There are nearly 12km of unsealed road along the trail in the Jimperding Hill area, and care should be taken.
  • Trail users are requested to respect the privacy of owners of all private properties on the trail.
  • Persons using this Heritage Trail do so at their own risk.