Shire of Toodyay

Toodyay Inclusive Community Program

PROGRAM VISION: Toodyay is a diverse community that embraces our culture and heritage and values the participation and contribution of all community members.

TICP July Program - Toodyay Tennis Club

The Toodyay Inclusive Community Program (TICP) is open to all ages and abilities, and show cases some of the many community groups and activities Toodyay has to offer. We aim to keep this program free or low cost to better serve our community.

On average, each program will host 8 - 10 sessions over the week during the school holiday period. Each session will be run by our local community groups and organisations, designed to be a taster of the activities each of them offer; encouraging transition into membership.

Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Art 4 Fun Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Ballet Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Perler Beads

Whilst this program is hosted during school holidays, it is not only for students and children, but is designed to knock down barriers that people with disabilities or from marginalised groups face, in turn making our community more inclusive.

Since commencing in January 2015, the TICP has delivered over 4117 hours of inclusive sport and recreation to hundreds of local residents ranging from 2 to 85 years old. A wide range of locally based clubs and groups have conducted over 30 activities across the past three holiday periods. The unique part of the program, is that it promotes local businesses and community groups and in doing so, has engaged many people who are not connected to any clubs or group.  About 50% of all members were not part of any club or group at the time of registration.  Past activities have included historical treasures, tree planting, community music jam, skateboarding, tennis and football.

Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Colour Party  Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Historic Treasures  Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Skateboarding

The TICP seen the following benefits amongst others so far:

  • Promotion of clubs and  businesses via various media means
  • An increase in knowledge of the vast services and opportunities available in Toodyay
  • Opportunity for individuals to try a new sport or activity in a welcoming and safe environment
  • An increase in Community engagement
  • Crime rates have dropped during the holiday period
  • Enhancing Toodyay as a prime tourist location for families during the school holidays

The exceptional success to date has been a result of significant support from our wider community and business leaders.  The TICP is really putting the Toodyay community on the map and the flow-on from this program has immense social and economic advantages to our community.

Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Catch Music  Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Colour Party  Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Mad Hatters

Benefits to Clubs

  • Opportunity to engage new members and volunteers
  • Access to new funding streams
  • Coaches widen their skill sets
  • Access to a new population of potential members
  • Greater club diversity
  • And much more!!



Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - January 2017

Registrations are now open for the January 2017 Inclusive Community Program

The Steering Committee of the Toodyay Inclusive Community Program is excited to announce our January 2017 Program.  This program boasts 5 exciting activities for everyone to enjoy throughout the week of Monday, 16 to Friday, 20 January 2017

Joining us are these fantastic community groups/local businesses:

  • Toodyay Golf Club
  • Toodyay Theatre Group
  • Courtyard Antiques
  • Clackline/Toodyay Karate Club
  • Wheatbelt GP Network
  • Toodyay Community Resource Centre




The Toodyay Inclusive Community Program is a true community-based initiative and many local organisations work in partnership behind the scenes to support this program.

Similarly to our local clubs and community groups, the Shire of Toodyay, Inclusion WA and the Toodyay Steering Group have worked tirelessly in Toodyay to make this program a success.

For further information on this program, please contact:

Madeline Ross – Community Development Administration Officer

Phone: 9574 9395



Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Lawn Bowls  Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Tennis  Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Football
Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Footy  Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Bowls  Toodyay Inclusive Community Program - Scouts