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Toodyay Tidy Towns

The Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee are a group of passionate community members striving to create a community where visitors are delighted to come, and locals want to stay. They work towards reducing litter, water and energy consumption, celebrating culture and heritage and protecting Western Australia’s precious natural environment.

To contact the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee, please see the below details.

Chairman: Greg Warburton
Secretary: Beth Frayne

9574 5445
9574 5971


C/- Shire of Toodyay 
PO Box 96, TOODYAY WA 6566


A Poem about Toodyay's Tidy Town wins

Nestled in a valley on the banks of a river
In summer we boil and in winter we shiver
A warmer welcome you won’t find anywhere
As soon as you arrive you tell that we care
Known to the locals as the place of plenty
It is our slogan and on our statement of entry

We are Community minded all ready to act
Over 50 volunteer groups and that’s a fact
Events and Festivals throughout the year
Celebrate our history and things we hold dear
Emergency services to protect life and limb
Volunteers give up their time on the weekend

Our Tidy Towns began with a desire
To see improvements and changes required
There was already a lot happening out there
But we needed a way all the stories to share
Tidy Towns brought it all under one umbrella
Who would have thought it would end up stellar!

From regional winner to the State Award
That flight to Tassie we couldn’t wait to board
Mel commented we could be in luck
Looks like the stars are lining up
So many times called to the stage
Overwhelmed with no words left to say
So we came home flushed with pride
The joy on our faces we could not hide

So many people we needed to thank
Like Shelley and our Community Bank
Our Adopt-a-Spot took off like a rocket
Litter in the bag and money in the pocket
Twenty five groups rallied to the task
Even now people continue to ask
How can we become involved?
This litter problem has to be solved

Groups are out there with pick up tongs
With orange bags and safety vests on
And litter legends like Peter Robinson
Out there picking up litter by the ton
Perhaps litterers see us and think again
To keep their rubbish until they see a bin

Environmentally we are a nature hub
Preserved and promoted by the Naturalists’ Club
Our heritage and history we don’t take lightly
Archived and chronicled by the Historical Society

We are keen on sustainability
Of re-cycling and renewable energy
Our waste transfer station has a plan
To recycle every substance used by man
Our latest project on which we labour
To harness the hot air in the Council Chamber

Our secretary she endlessly toils
By the gallon she burns the midnight oil
Beth has made it her life’s mission
To Tidy Toodyay and to write submissions

We draw much strength from our partnerships
Taking on board advice and tips
Shoulder to shoulder the council and groups
When the call goes out we jump through hoops

In the world now little sense to be found
Roadsides and bush land are dumping grounds
Our consumer desire an obsession to fulfill
But our shiny new goods end up in land fill
We see our precious wildlife suffer and die
Choking on discarded plastic and fishing line

Sending a strong message is our task
We know it’s not much too much ask
Showing respect for the place we live
Not about taking but what we can give

Without certain people this would not be
I’m talkingabout the team at KAB
Of Mel, Shirley, Gail and Maureen
Working hard to keep our scene clean
They keep up the fight that is the thing
Somehow operating on a shoe string

Tidy Towns brought us all together
It has changed our community forever
Now standing proudly alongside
Other winners from the western side
Of Denmark, Wyalcatchem and Collie
We are indeed in good company

In March we will be the national host
And the new winners we will toast
So come and see our place of plenty
We will polish her up like a new penny
And we will celebrate hail and hearty
Check your calendars and come to the party!!


Toodyay - Tidy Town National Winners

L- R Back Row: Mel Hay, Chair KABCWA; David Dow, Toodyay Shire President; Judy Dow, Shire of Toodyay; Beth Frayne, Toodyay Historical Society; Greg Warburton, Tidy Towns Committee; Vicki Warburton; Rhoma Heath, Tidy Towns Committee; Kaye Rewell, Toodyay Bowling Club; Audrey Bell, Shire of Toodyay; Gail Dodd, KABCWA. L-R Front Row: Hannah Morrison, Toodyay District High School; Shelley Kingston, Toodyay & Districts Community Bank; Bob Frayne Tidy Towns Committee.

Toodyay in Western Australia has tonight won the iconic Keep Australia Beautiful, Australian Tidy Towns award for 2015. The announcement was made at the national awards ceremony hosted by the 2014 overall winner, Sheffield in Tasmania. The last time WA took home the title was in 2006.

With a troupe of 14 representatives, and having travelled 4,000km to attend the awards, everyone from Toodyay Friends of the River, the Historical Society, Bowling Club, Toodyay & Districts Community Bank, Garden Club, Naturalists’ Club, District High School, Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA, as well as the Shire of Toodyay, were all there to claim their well-deserved win for their community participation and grass roots efforts that they more than showcased this evening, and during the judging process.

Toodyay also won Dame Phyllis Frost Litter PreventionResource Recovery & Waste Management, and Environmental Protection and Innovation.

National Tidy Towns judge Jill Grant said, “The town has a strong emphasis on healthy lifestyles with bike friendly and other sustainable transport options such as the daily train services to Perth, solar street lights, energy savings devices and retrofits in buildings.”

Toodyay, population of 1,069, located on the Avon River in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, 85 kilometres north-east of Perth, showcased the following:

  • Adopt-a-spot project and its signage, in partnership with Bendigo Bank. There have been 51 pickups, 457 participants, 535 bags of rubbish, weighing 2,210.86kg, which included 5,256 cigarette butts.
  • Recycling facilities at the Waste Transfer Station: furniture, building materials, glass, steel, aluminium, engine oil, e-waste, hazardous goods, accepted free-of-charge.
  • Toodyay Naturalists’ Club: Award winning environmental group; focus: education, observation, nature reserves, feral species management, and Toodyay Friends of the River Award winning working group; focus: surveying, weed control, revegetation, and feral species management.

Peter McLean, National Chief Executive Officer of Keep Australia Beautiful said “it’s pleasing to see another year of high calibre National finalists from every corner of our amazing country.”

“Each finalist exhibited significant outcomes in a range of sustainability projects and activities and this National program allows each of them to learn even more so they can continue to thrive as a community and achieve success on their sustainability journeys.”

The two day awards event included highlights from National judge Jill Grant’s judging tour, finalist case studies, as well as opportunities which allowed representatives the chance to share information and network with like-minded professionals from around Australia.

Many delegates from all over the country took a tour Sheffield, which showcased some of the town’s excellent projects which contributed to their win last year.

Sponsored by the Australian Packaging Covenant and the Department for the Environment, the Australian Tidy Towns Program recognise the hard work undertaken by rural and regional community groups, schools, businesses, individuals and councils; showcasing innovative ideas and initiatives that improve sustainability in our regional areas.

“The Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Towns program provides an important platform for communities and councils to share their achievements in litter prevention and environmental sustainability” said Stan Moore, CEO of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC).

“The APC is pleased to be a key supporter of the nation-wide KAB Tidy Towns Program as it gives us an opportunity to engage with local projects and governments. We congratulate all towns that made it to the final awards.”

2015 marks 47 years of the Tidy Towns Awards in Australia (starting in WA) but celebrates its 25th year Nationally. Keep Australia Beautiful received 1335 category submissions nationally, from over 347 applicants, across councils, shires, community groups, schools and individuals.

Tidy Towns awards can only be achieved where there is a good level of community participation and social capital. The grass roots programs offered by Keep Australia Beautiful provides opportunities for councils and their communities to showcase their achievements towards sustainability.

Keep Australia Beautiful Australian Tidy Towns Awards winners 2015

Award Winner
Dame Phyllis Frost Litter Prevention (sponsored by APC) Toodyay, WA
Resource Recovery & Waste Management (sponsored by APC) Toodyay, WA
Environmental Protection and Innovation Toodyay, WA
Energy Innovation Beechworth, VIC
Heritage and Culture Titjikala, NT
Young Legends Cooktown, QLD
Community Action and Partnerships Meningie, SA
Water Conservation Meningie, SA
Overall Toodyay, WA

Highly Commended Awards

Award Winner
Community Action and Partnerships Beechworth, VIC
Environmental Innovation and Protection Beechworth, VIC
Energy Innovation Cooktown, QLD
Heritage and Culture Gloucester, NSW
Environmental Innovation and Protection Westbury, TAS

Click here to view the National Tidy Town Judge's Report on Toodyay!

Congratulations to Tidy Towns Central Wheatbelt and Goldfields Winners – Toodyay and Southern Cross. 

The combined regional event held in Kelleberin was a great success with over 70 people attending.  Guests listened to Mary Nenke, (from Farming Champions in this International Year of Family Farming) and awards were presented by Hon. Mia Davies.  There was a real buzz to the day and very passionate and enjoyable community presentations. 

Tidy Towns 2014 Category Winners

Category winners are –

Community Action and Partnerships: Toodyay

General Appearance: Nungarin and Cunderdin

Waste Management and Litter Prevention: Toodyay

Natural Environment Conservation: Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Heritage and Culture: Southern Cross

Water Conservation: Merredin

Energy Innovation: York

Young Legends: Wongan Hills

Ronice Blair from Southern Cross and Damien O’Reilly from Cunderdin received a Special Commendation and Menzies, Kellerberin and Chittering were presented with Certificates of Appreciation.

The media release can be viewed on the Tidy Towns website. 

Category and Regional winners will now compete on a state level and thank you to all communities for being part of Tidy Towns.

Best wishes

Shirley Brindley Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities

Keep Australia Beautiful (WA)
Locked Bag 33 Cloisters Square PERTH WA 6850
ph: 6467 5131  email:


Beth Frayne (Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee) provided a photograph (below).

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