Shire of Toodyay


From time to time the Shire of Toodyay receive positive feedback from the community. Testimonials from the Community are appreciated.

Customer Service Feedback

The Customer Service Charter is an expression of the Shire of Toodyay’s commitment to improving the service and communication with you. It sets out the standards you can expect from us every time you interact with us, whether it is by phone, through the mail, via email or in person. The hallmark of our Service Charter is a promise to provide consistently professional and high quality service, based on the five core values of honesty, integrity, respect, professionalism and open communication.

Our customers have the opportunity to complete a Request for Works and Services Form (available on our Website) if they at any time wish to advise us of works that require doing throughout the Shire. Our Works and Services Team handle these requests. 

The Shire of Toodyay values the feedback that our customers provide and welcomes suggestions, compliments and complaints. Our customers have the opportunity to complete a Feedback Form (available on our Website) and submit it to us via email, mail, via facsimile or in person. 

Some of the positive feedback we have received recently is described below:

Toodyay Welcome Board - Avon Valley Black Dog Ride

From: Graeme Raine, Assistant Coordinator Avon Valley Black Dog Ride One Dayer
Sent: 3 March 2016

Hi Debra 

Thank you for your Email and wishes for our event.

I will be out of Australia when the event is scheduled this year.  Travelling in from Toodyay yesterday I noticed the Toodyay Welcome board with Black Dog Ride sign on it.  Thanks for your continuing assistance with this event.  I saw when in Cue two weeks ago on TV a program that outlined many of the great initiatives that Toodyay is doing with KABC Tidy Towns and Youth projects.  I have really noticed the way Toodyay is so clean and the buildings so well kept in the main street.

So well done to all the Council staff and volunteers.


Exemplary Ranger Service

From: Ian Calderwood
Sent: Monday, 2 February 2015 3:06 PM

Dear Mr. Scott

Last evening during a lightning and thunderstorm one of our dogs, Charlotte, took flight and we did not notice her absence until very early this morning. Thankfully a resident found her near Duidgee Park at 10.30 last night and contacted Debbie at Ranger Services who attended and took possession of Charlotte. I understand that Debbie then took our dog home and made her comfortable in her laundry until this morning. On contacting Ranger Services this morning Gloria was most obliging and met me for us to be reunited with Charlotte.

We would like you to be aware of our gratitude to both Debbie and Gloria for resolving what for us was a most upsetting event and for showing affection and understanding towards Charlotte and her circumstances. Debbie and Gloria are a credit to you and your staff.

Thank you.
Ian and Breda Calderwood


Visitor Centre Administration

Please pass on my sincere thanks to Moss for the personal attention he provided to my 7 visitors from Malaysia today. Making the time to conduct the tour through the mill, & then going up to the gaol to open it up for us (as someone had called in sick today), was just fantastic service. My guests spoke about how informative the tours were for the rest of the day, & I also learnt so much more than I ever knew about the history of the mill & gaol.

I would also like to thank Moss & the other staff who advised me of the follow-up action that had been taken regarding the issue I had raised a couple of months ago about the food outlets not being able to provide a meal after 2.00pm for some visitors we had. It is really nice to know that the feedback was taken seriously & followed up with the food outlets in town. We certainly only meant the feedback to be taken as constructive criticism for the ongoing good of the experience for any visitors to the town.

We are strong supporters of the town & it is one of our favourite destinations to take visitors to. Please again thank all of the staff involved & you will be very pleased to know that the staff at the Coca-Cola cafe could not have been more helpful today. Thanks again, with special thanks to Moss, & we look forward to our next visit to your lovely town.

Best Regards,
Perth Luxury Tours

Shire Road Crew

From: Suzette Geary
Sent: Monday, 30 March 2015 

Shire Works Program Manager,

I would like to commend the shire work crew on the completed new path along the train station side. This morning it was with great pleasure to finally be able to walk without the soreness and pain of my joints, finally a footpath that’s walkable, and see the enjoyment of children riding their bikes and walking  along side with their parents,  I know it is rare that residents take the time and effort to write about good work that our shire workers have done and our garden team, but I have observed the work in progress how hard these members work and especially in the hot conditions, and the safety of traffic and also the focused on the customers safety.

Please give recognition to these employees for a fantastic work that they achieved, a true testament to the great work you all are doing out there and giving Toodyay residents the enjoyment to walk safety. Keep up the excellent teamwork and customer focus, I really appreciate your efforts well done!


Library - Avon Valley Writer's Festival

Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the indefatigable Kay and Angi for their efficiency in organising this event. Their amazing attention to detail, care and support was palpable – nothing was too much effort, even when I asked if I could run colouring competitions in each library leading up to the festival.

Of course the result of such effort was an inaugural Avon Valley Writers Festival all involved must be extremely proud of. Both libraries were beautiful, inspiring spaces to hold the workshops. There were places to sit outside, fabulous lunches, teas and a really enjoyable and entertaining dinner at the Riversedge Cafe.

I’d particularly like to thank the two Shires of Northam and Toodyay who got together to present the inaugural Avon Valley Writers Festival and sponsored presenters so magnanimously. My stay at the Victoria Hotel was very comfortable, I recommend their breakfast and thank you.

As a presenting writer and participant in as many workshops as I could attend over the two days I, like many others I spoke to, thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. We were considered, organised, fed and accommodated in the best way possible and our attendees were given a professional experience of many aspects of writing, many useful tips and contacts to further their literary efforts.

Some comments:

(FMF: Screenwriting.) "Very affecting film." "The questions will stay with me for a long time." "(The movie was an) Impressive experience."

(Rob Kaay, marketing) "Such a tremendous amount of information to absorb..."

(Den Scheer: illustration) "Can’t even draw a stick – this was great fun!"

(Overall Festival) "We certainly got our money’s worth." "I’m not really into writing, but now I think I’ll have a go."

Personally, it was a great shame I couldn’t be in two places at once and had to miss a couple of workshops. I’ve provided many photos taken of my experience for Facebook which speak for themselves but will also mail a USB drive with the originals for the record.

Thank you again the Shire of Northam, the Shire of Toodyay, Kay, Angi and all their staff. I sincerely hope you invite me again.

Best regards,


Library - Avon Valley Writer's Festival

I had the privilege of being a participant in the above joint venture between Northam and Toodyay Libraries. We attending the dinner on Saturday night at the Rivers Edge Cafe at Northam, where we all got to meet and hear the personal journeys of each of the writers. Then secondly on Sunday at the Toodyay Library to be a part of a number of workshops.

Congratulations must go to the two senior Librarians, Kay Weaver and Angi McCluskey for the work put in to make the week end the success it was. Both Saturday night and Sunday were enjoyed by many and we all hope it will be a regular event each September.

Regards and Thanks,

Rhonda Sullivan