Shire of Toodyay

Ranger Services

Rangers are responsible for enforcing State Government Acts and Shire of Toodyay Local Laws for the safety and well being of the community. For example Shire of Toodyay Rangers patrol the streets to ensure that vehicle parking does not pose a risk or hindrance to other road users and pedestrians, they ensure that dogs are restrained in public places and they also play a major role in Fire Break Inspections and the approval of Variations to the Fire Break Order for Land Holders.

The Shire of Toodyay provides comprehensive ranger services, with rangers available after hours for emergencies. Please call 9574 9370 – the Ranger Office is open between the hours of 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri. If calling after hours the call will be diverted to the Ranger on roster (24 hours, seven days a week). Please note that after hour calls will be responded to in case of life threatening emergenies and public safety such as;

  • Stock on road
  • Dog Attacks and 
  • Fallen trees.

Information Sheet - Protecting your Livestock

Each year several thousand sheep and other animals die in Perth after being attacked by wandering dogs.  Livestock owners within all local authorities have lost animals and this continues to be an unfortunate fact of life, livestock needs to be protected.  The number of attacks can be reduced by livestock owners taking precautions and notifying others after an attack. Click here for further reading

Property Identification

To assist emergency services (Rangers, Fire Brigades, Ambulance and Police), and service providers (Western Power and Telstra) to locate your property, the following should be clearly shown at your main property entrance:

  • Rural Street Number
  • Lot Number
  • Name (by choice)

Keeping Of Animals

Keeping an animal is an important responsibility.  To be a responsible owner is it important to be aware of the laws regarding keeping animals in your area, and to be mindful of the impact stock have on the environment.  The Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Food provides a wide range of advice and publications that will assist you in being a responsible keeper of livestock and pets.

Land owners should also be aware that Council approval is required for the keeping of animals in Some Special Rural Areas under the Town Planning Scheme No 3.

More information is provided in the Planning section of this site under Rural Pursuits.If you are a dog owner or plan to get a dog, please read the relevant information regarding the keeping of dogs.

Dog Control

Registration of Dogs

From 1 November 2013 the Dog Act 1976 requires all dogs over the age of 3 months to be micro chipped and registered in their local government district. Dog registrations are a requirement throughout the State of Western Australia. It is important that you advise your local council of any changes in your or your dog’s personal details, so they can maintain accurate records.

Dog registration fees are:

TYPE OF DOG1 YEAR REGISTRATION3 year registrationlifetime registration
Unsterilised (male or female) # $50 $120 $250
Sterilised* (male or female) # $20 $42.50 $100

* Proof of sterilisation required


Guide Dogs 100% consession;
Pensioner 50% concession;
Dogs used for droving or tending stock - 25% concession; of fee otherwise payable

For further information on dog requirements please see Keeping of Animals

Cat Control

The Cat Act 2011 requires the identification, registration and sterilisation of domestic cats, and gives local governments the power to administer and enforce the legislation. The legislation will take full effect from 1 November 2013 and provide for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and the environment, as well as encourage responsible cat ownership.

From 1 November 2012, some provisions of the Act commenced to allow local governments to prepare to administer and enforce the legislation.
From 1 November 2013, the full Cat Act 2011 takes effect and will require all cats that have reached 6 months of age to be:

  • Microchipped;
  • Sterilised; and
  • Registration with the relevant local government.

Cats will be required to wear a collar and registration tag to ensure that owned cats can be easily identified and returned to their owner.

Cat registration fees are:

Sterilised* (male or female) # $20 $42.50 $100

*Proof of sterilisation is required


Pensioner 50% concession of fee otherwise payable

For further information on cat requirements please see Keeping of Animals

Guildlines for Cat Traps

If it becomes necessary to trap a cat then the following procedures should be carefully followed to ensure the cat is treated humanely.
Any ill-treatment of cats may be an offence under the Animal Welfare Act and be subject to prosecution. 

  1. Use only approved cage traps. Do not use leg-hold or body-grip traps or snares.
  2. Ensure the cage is suitably covered to provide any contained cats with protection from the elements.
  3. Ensure the cage is regularly checked (at least twice per day) so that caught cats are not caged for extended periods.
  4. Ensure that any caught cats are provided with sufficient food and water. If the cat is sick or injured, seek veterinary treatment.
  5. Any lactating cat caught in a trap should be released, unless the kittens can also be located and removed as well.
  6. Check any caught cats for identification and contact the owner.
    Note: Some cats may be identified with a microchip; which can only be read with a scanner - available at most vets and Council I Shire Rangers.
  7. If  the  cat is  not identified  endeavour  to locate  the  owner by  doorknockingIletterbox drops in your local area.
  8. If the owner cannot be located then contact the Shire of Toodyay Ranger Services on 9574 4555.
  9. Do not relocate the cat and release in the bush or elsewhere. Abandonment is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act.
  10. In the event the cat needs to be destroyed then take it to your local vet for humane euthanasia. 
    Do not destroy the cat yourself - as techniques such as striking, gassing, poisoning and drowning are unacceptable and may constitute an offence under the Animal Welfare Act. 

If in doubt - contact the RSPCA for further  advice, on (08) 9209 9300.

Pound Facility

If your dog/cat is missing it may have been impounded. You can check by contacting the Shire Ranger on 9574 4555. Alternately Lost and Found Pets or the Shire of Toodyay - Rangers Service Facebook page.

Collection of dogs/cats is strictly by appointment with the Shire Rangers and remember that before a dog/cat can be released from the pound it must be micro-chipped and registered. You will be required to provide proof that you are either its owner or a person acting on behalf of the owner.

Street Parking

Parking incorrectly can be an offence under the Road Traffic Code and the Shire of Toodyay Parking Local Laws, as it could place people’s safety at risk.

There are a range of offences detailed in State and Local Laws. Most can be avoided by paying attention to street signs and following a few simple steps. Some of the more common offences are listed below:

  • Parking on or over a foot path
  • Park or stand a vehicle facing the wrong way
  • Obstructing a right of way or private drive
  • Displaying vehicles for sale in public places
  • Double parking or using more than one parking bay
  • Parking in a disabled parking bay without an ACROD permit
  • Parking on or over a fire hydrant
  • Parking in no parking or no standing areas

Remember to check the signs and remember that vehicles should not be left in a public place for more than 24 hours. Special laws also apply in regard to parking of trucks in residential areas. Please contact the Ranger Services for further details.

Litter & Illegal Dumping

The Shire of Toodyay encourages residents and visitors to help keep our environment clean and litter free. Littering is an offence under the Litter Act and Rangers are authorised to issue fines to offenders.

People caught illegally dumping waste in bushland areas or on road verges will receive a $200 on the spot fine, and could also face prosecution and incur a fine of up to $1,000.

Residents with any concerns or enquiries can contact Ranger Services on 9574 4555 during office hours.

Help keep our environment pristine by:

  • depositing all litter in bins
  • not depositing commercial or domestic waste in public litter bins
  • ensuring all goods carried on trailers, utes and trucks are covered and properly secured
  • ensuring building site waste does not affect road verges and neighbouring properties
  • not removing shopping trolleys from shopping centre car parks
  • reporting abandoned vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are held for 60 days. If the legal owner does not claim their vehicle during this period it may be disposed of in accordance with the Local Government Act 1995.