Shire of Toodyay

Fire & Emergency Services

Emergency management is based on four areas to protect the community; these are prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. The Shire of Toodyay plays a key role in all these elements.


The Shire of Toodyay is responsible for the administration of the Bush Fires Act (1954). The Shire of Toodyay, as with other districts of the State, uses provisions of the Bush Fires Act to help prevent or reduce the impact bush fires. These include the Firebreak Order which stipulates minimum requirements to which a property must be maintained during the fire season and the Restricted and Prohibited Burning Periods, which places restrictions or prohibition on burning.

The Shire may also enact a Harvest, Vehicle Movement and Hot Works ban to help prevent the ignition of a fire during unfavourable fire conditions.

Prevention is a shared responsibility. Simple items like servicing and cleaning of machinery, or cleared areas around stationary motors can help to prevent fires. Keeping your property clean and well maintained can reduce the damage caused by flying debris and water damage in storms.

Be Prepared

Residents are responsible for their own safety and must be prepared for any emergency situation. This includes having a plan about what you and your family will do in an emergency and how and where to access alerts and warnings. Information to assist you with preparing your property and family for bushfires and other emergencies is available from the Shire Administration Centre or by visiting the Department Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) website for advice, information and alert.

Preparing your property prior to an emergency is essential should you not be able to leave – don’t leave it too late.


Five Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades, a Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Brigade, Police, St John Ambulance and State Emergency Service operate in the Shire of Toodyay and respond to emergency incidents. The Shire of Toodyay’s Ranger and Emergency Services and Fire Control Officers facilitate the coordination of responses to bushfire emergency incidents and support partner agencies/services in other incidents.

Local Volunteer Emergency Services Brigades and Units are always interested in gaining the support of the community and welcome new volunteers in a range of roles. To find out how you can become involved, please view the Services Contacts.


The Shire of Toodyay ensures that the community recovers from major traumatic events such as bushfires by ensuring that infrastructure is restored and by supporting individuals and groups in a range of recovery programs and services.